This description of 1684 New Ross by Robert Thomas Leigh, Esq. of Rosegarland paints a picture of an impressive and formidable little town.

“New Ross is surrounded with a strong wall, built of lime and stone, seated upon a rock, which is cut on the outside of the wall in the nature of a ditch and adds much to the strength of it. It is in circumference above a mile, and is fortified by the waterside by a citadel and fort, and has twelve strong towers or castles, and four gates to the land side, besides some slips to the waterside. The town so much remains thereof built, being about 150 stone houses, slated, and as many thatched ones, lies on the side of a steep hill or rock, shelving down to the river which lies to the west of it and is navigable for ships of great burden….”

The print below, although from about 100 years later adds to the atmospheric account.

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