Since I set up shop in 4 Mary St in the Visit New Ross office I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who have popped in to wish me well and also who started the conversation with the words “ Did you know that ….?”

Usually what followed was an interesting historical anecdote but there were many times that there also was an intriguing story about how a relation/friend/neighbour had in their possession an artefact of significant local historical importance.

In most cases this information was given in confidence and was treated accordingly.

There are now plans/talks of establishing a museum/interpretive centre on The Quay in New Ross and while detailed information of the objectives and aspirations of the proposed facility have not been released it would be nice if space was dedicated there to the history and heritage of the locality.

With this in mind I am asking if any of you know of historical items which would be worthy of exhibition and also if the owners would be prepared to donate them for exhibition purposes.

This would be dependent on an exhibition space being made available of course.

Please contact me in strictest confidence on

Myles Courtney

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