It is great to see this wonderfully restored six pounder ship’s cannon now sited at the junction of Chapel Lane and High Hill St.

In 1798 one such cannon was assigned to Major Vandelour of the Clare Militia who was tasked with defending the Maiden Gate against an expected rebel attack which never really materialised. He was able to withdraw the cannon from the gate and use it to terrible effect from Church Lane against rebels charging down Bewley St. He later withdrew it to a strategic position on the Bullawn.

This cannon was one of four, all bearing the George III cipher and contemporary Ordnance markings that were “resurrected” locally for the 150th anniversary commemorations of the Battle of Ross in 1948.

Two of those cannon are sited at the Three Bullet Gate and another at The Maiden Gate.

It is reputed that the rebels only had 2 cannon at their disposal during the attack on the town BUT had no trained personnel to use them. First hand accounts of the battle record how 2 captured Crown Forces artillery men were tied to the cannon and forced by guards to load and discharge the weapons.

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