One can only marvel at the artwork and intricate detail of this monument situated in the south transept of St Mary’s Church.

Attached to the built up north wall of the South Transept is a very well preserved tomb with a central cross, the head & arms of which are linked by the crown of thorns. The sun & moon are depicted, one on either side of the head of the cross. The stem of the cross extends the length of the stone & there numerous emblems of the crucifixion. They include the spear with the sponge, 30 pieces of silver, the ear of Malchus & the sword, Christ’s garment (a Tudor tunic), the dice & the cock on the left side; Veronica’s cloth, Caiphas in his mitre, the pillar & scourge, the reed, the 5 wounds & the boiling cock which rose from the pot in the legend on the right side. There is a skull & bone at the foot of the cross & the coats of arms with initials of both families, one on either side. The Latin inscription along the edge translates as:

“Here lie John Nevell , formerly sovereign of this town, who died on the 29th day of June in the year 1637 and his wife Maria Rothe, who died ………. . On whose souls may God look with favour.”

John Nevill was Sovereign of New Ross in 1628.

SOURCE : St Mary’s, New Ross, Church & Monuments, Áine O’Mahony

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