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Over the weekend, along with Independent Cllr Pat Barden, New Ross District – Wexford County Council, I enjoyed a medieval tour of #NewRoss. Our tour guide, Myles Courtney, is a treasure trove of knowledge and stories about the New Ross of old. A great couple of hours capturing the rich history of New Ross. New Ross Street Focus

Verona Murphy 

Wexford TD

Somedays are just better than others and today was one of those days. At long last New Ross called me!… I always knew that New Ross was a town steeped in History. I’ve read about it!!.. but I have to tell you that reading, although a wonderful medium doesn’t hold a candle to walking those streets in the company of the man himself.. Myles Courtney! Myles is literally a walking and talking encyclopedia on this wonderful town which dates back from pre-Middle ages. He explains these historic times as you walk with him, and you suddenly realise that you are literally walking in the footsteps of your forefathers… You pick up on the energy of the place!!…

Looking outwards from St Marys Church (the foundation of which has been associated with William Marshall and his beloved wife Isabel)… taking in the vista of the river you can imagine how significant this building would have been. A building that screamed status and power in the eyes of those visiting. You can Immerse yourself in the horror and fear of those brave souls who fought in the streets of New Ross in the Rebellion of 1798. Myles speaks with a deep love and respect of these days gone by. His voice awakens your senses and you realise that these days are what makes New Ross what it is today! This walking tour is a combined effort of many people in New Ross and I would encourage you to do this walking tour….its a wonderful way of learning and has a bit of humour thrown in as well! The Murals recently completed are absolutely beautiful and each one depicts the different historical eras of New Ross.. From William Marshall to the Norman Period…

Take an afternoon off…
Just Do This!!

Stella Purcell Bates

Historical Wexford

We got the full history of the building on a guided tour with Miles Courtney which was fantastic but we weren’t there at the right time to hear the bells chime so that means of course we will have to return.

Michael McCrickard


Thanks so Much Myles. It was a great tour of my home town. Highly recommended for visitors and us locals alike.

Anne O Dwyer


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